Marketing Solutions

Audiences today are bombarded by thousands of marketing messages everyday. Cutting through this clutter to achieve your marketing objective requires integrated strategy using a mixture of channels. Get the message across through print, signage, internet, social media and mobile advertising. Use some or all of these tools depending on your goals. Capture attention, create interest, provide proper information, convert customers or patients into prospects. Cross-channel marketing, integrated marketing is about capturing attention, reinforcing messaging and beginning an interactive relationship with a respondent.

Individual Services can be sold individually or combined into custom Marketing Solution to fit your specific needs. Here are some examples:

– Logo design and brand identity development
– Website construction & hosting
– Domain registration & email setup
– Search engine optimization
– Printing materials
– Variable postcard campaigns
– Electronic newsletters
– Social media marketing
– Vehicle wraps & graphics
– Signage and tradeshow displays
– Promotional products
– and other

Targeting the right people with the right message at the right time.

The RIGHT person
Knowing your customer allows you to craft a successful campaign. Find out where your prospects are and go to them with your message, they won’t always come to you.

The RIGHT message
The most relevant message, the better the result. Too much information, too many options and too much to read can backfire and turn your audience off. Eye catching creative will grab the recipient’s attention and a clear message will get you results.

The RIGHT time
Timing is about the release of the individual pieces of your cross-channel marketing campaign. Seasonal specials, personal habits of your target audience, reacting to online inquiry in a timely matter needs to happen at the right time.


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