Are you familiar with K.I.S.S. principle?

Keep It Simple, Silly!

Simple designs are often easily recognized and incredibly memorable. A refined and distilled identity will also catch the attention of a viewer zipping by signage at 100 km per hour, on packaging on the crowded shelves of a store, or in any other vehicle used for advertising, marketing and promotion. Your branding starts with your logo. Logo must be versatile and work across a variety of mediums and applications. Different printing applications as well as online usage must be considered. Logo must be also appropriate for the specific kind of business and its intended purpose.

I think even the best and coolest designs are worthless if the message is lost. Often the most effective way to get your message across is to make it as clean and simple as possible. But simple doesn’t mean plain and boring. Aesthetics are important and when we combine all of the above marketing works.

I started in this industry when spot colours were important and designers understood the principles of colour separations and proofs were printed not emailed. Design, printing and marketing are nothing like they used to be and my ability to adapt and embrace new ways is the key to our success. I offer my advice based on twenty years of experience in providing solutions to professionals, business startups and small companies. I concentrate on the most popular and effective ways of communicating with your clients. Starting with a clean logo brand, printing materials and signage, through mobile advertising with vehicle wraps to strong internet presence with effective website supported with social media connections. Print, internet and maybe mobile are the starting areas for all marketing investments. When executed in harmony they become know as integrated marketing solutions. I don’t like using big words that don’t mean anything. Search engine optimization should really mean, bring me to the first page in google search so I can make some money! I have a hands on experience in all of these areas and together with my team we make lasting impressions.


Please look at our portfolio for just a few examples of our work.


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